Hack Sounds comes in a variety of formats, from our regular Core Program, to Come and Plays, through to events, jams demos and talks. We aim to allow people new to the world of Electronic Music to gain insight into its history and scope for the future, learn about the tools and processes, and offer a window into the minds of those making it.

Hack Sounds has a focus on key outcomes, including:

  • Exploring electronic music production and technology
  • Creating, recording and releasing new music
  • Developing basic skills in traditional songwriting such as structure, melodic themes, and rhythm, as well as delving into elements specific to electronic music.
  • Enhancing the skills of mentors through collaboration within an inclusive environment. These established musicians are in turn more likely to practise inclusive principles in future projects.
  • Creating a network of mentors who become known to emerging musicians with disability as capable of working within an inclusive practice framework.
  • Promoting and advocating for greater inclusive practice, pathways and awareness within the Australian music community.
  • Developing positive attitudes to musicians with disability.


Core Program

Our Core program is an introduction to Electronic Music making, comprised of two 10 week terms, covering elements of music creation and production, including hands on practical music making.

You’ll get an opportunity to learn about the history, build skills in using music hardware, collaborate in jams and song-making, and create finished songs.

Come and Plays

Our Come and Plays are a soft entry point into the program, occurring in a variety of locations around Sydney.

We set up  bunch of our gear, give a quick run down in their use, and fun ensues (occasionally music ensues too). They’re always advertised on our meetup page:

Events, Talks, Demos and Jams

We have a variety of other formats, from workflow or toolbox talks from established artists, live music events, gear demos from partners, or even just Low Key Jam Sessions.

Keep an eye on our Facebook for these events:


Bespoke Programs, Training, Events and more…

If you’d like to talk to us about a customised program for your centre or service, a fun team building day for your company, or any other way we can help, just ask.


Hack Sounds is for everyone*.

Hack Sounds is built on an inclusive model, designed to be welcoming and useful for people with or without disability, with or without previous experience, regardless of gender identity, or from a non-English speaking background. Basically, if you are interested, it’s for you.

As far as musical experience, it’s primarily a beginners program, so no skills are required, just a commitment to learning and building skills. If you’re more experienced and would like to get hands on with hardware or share your skills, we’d be happy to discuss volunteering or mentoring.

Our Core program is limited to 12 members per semester, so you’ll need to make a submission to be considered.

*providing you’re 18 or with an actively participating guardian (as below) and are down to get amongst it.

It’s currently an adult program, so you’ll need to be 18, or attend with a guardian-who must also be happy to engage in learning about music making. We are considering youth programs in the future if we get enough interest, so do let us know if you are under 18 and keen.

At this stage it’s FREE for all events and programs.

We’re aiming to keep it that way.

You can help us keep it free by donating to the program

Our core program is comprised of twenty sessions of 2 hours, over two terms, within a 6 month period. Places are limited though, so you need to keep an eye out for when we open submissions to join.

We also run open community events, including jams and talks, keep an eye on our meetup for event listings.

No, you’ll have to make your own arrangements in these regards.

If enough people are interested, and happy to contribute, we could make arrangements for delivery of a meal at the end of the session-gear and food are not the best together.

Fire us an email to register your interest or find out more about the program.