Core Program

Hack Sounds holds weekly workshops throughout the year, with a consistent group of participants continuing to be engaged, seeking to advance their skills, and learning the craft of playing with a variety of electronic music hardware and software. This is the Core Program.

Participants work collectively as a group, forming strong social, creative and collaborative communities, as well as one on one mentorship opportunities for intensive individual skills development.

It is a limited program, so we can create optimal class sizes for increased quality of the learning experience, of up to 12 members per semester. If you’re keen to get involved, you’ll need to keep an eye on our Facebook page for our bi-annual call-outs for new members, or sign up for the mail-outs through the contact form on our Get Involved page.

Over two 10 week terms, Hack Sounds Core Program members will

  • Delve into the history of electronic music making
  • Develop understanding of key tools-synths, drum machines and more
  • Make beats, melodies and whole compositions from scratch
  • Learn Performance and Studio based collaboration techniques
  • Understand the key genres and their signature features
  • Touch on other skill areas such as DJing, Controllerism and Sampling
  • And much more…



Just some of our kit…

Ableton Push controller

Makey Makey

Moog Theremini

Korg Kaosscilator Pro

Ableton Live

Roland Tr-8

Korg Electribe

Roland Mx-1

Numark Orbit


Roland Tb-3

Novation Launchpad

Korg Triton Taktile

Roland JD-Xi

Pioneer DJ-SR

You get the idea-fun!

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“I really enjoy the informal nature of the course.

The presentations are both interesting and informative and have been delivered by people who really know their stuff.

Also, with the hands-on approach everyone gets a feel for the various pieces of hardware and software.

But most importantly, for me, it’s a lot of fun.”

– Craig McNamara
(Hack Sounds Member)