Hack Sounds is an initiative from 107 Projects, offering an entry point into the world of electronic music making.

We provide:

Come & Play Events
Project Collaborations
Product Demonstrations
Co-writing & Mentoring
Live Performances &
Community Events

Keen to learn how to make tunes?

Hack Sounds is designed with the beginner in mind. Our tools and teaching approaches are geared at giving you the fundamentals to begin your adventure into electronic music-making and production.


Hack Sounds is all about Inclusion

Hack Sounds was established to be, and always will be, inclusive.

We want as many people as possible, from as many different backgrounds as possible, to experience the joy of creating music from scratch, with great tools.


Inclusion is all about diversity

Of our past members;

50% of members identified as female

40% of members identified as having cultural and linguistic diverse backgrounds

50% identified as having lived experience of disability (including mental illness)

“I have a physical disability and knew that Hack Sounds was an inclusive environment, this ticked a lot of boxes for me as I am often unable to attend venues due to access restrictions. I don’t really consider myself a very sociable person either, I generally don’t like doing “group” things, but after attending Hack Sounds for over a month now I actually look forward to going and meeting up with the other members of the group each Monday night.”
– Andrew Grant
(Hack Sounds group member)