About Us

Who are the team behind Hack Sounds?

We have a shared passion for bringing about change in the way that adult leisure programs are done, both in “mainstream” and disability programs. Why are they separate? Why not bring everyone together? Collaboration works better together right?

There’s no direct correlation between disability, and your capability to learn new skills and create great art, especially when you have great collaborators. It’s with this basic premise that Hack Sounds was formed, and it continues to be our driving force, by providing opportunities for ALL people to be able to learn the basics of music making, and support to then take it further.

Inclusion can be hard. We know we don’t have all the answers, and will have to adapt to the needs of our members, but that’s kind of the point. The point is to keep looking, to keep trying new things, new approaches. In a perfect world, we’d achieve Universal Design, that grail of all grails, but for now we’ll continue to be imperfect, and have tons of fun while we’re at it.

Our Partners

Hack Sounds would be nowhere without partners, from  the initial support of Accessible Arts and Ability Links NSW, to our current primary sponsors CreateNSW. They allow us to provide high-quality programs, free to the community.  They also help us with gear, provide free venue hire, promotions and much more.

Our Team

Piri Rutherford – Program Manager

A long-time middling DJ/Producer, with a deep, deep love of music hardware and jamming, Piri was instrumental in the development of Hack Sounds. After previously being the primary facilitator, he’s taken a step back and currently oversees the program, occasionally popping his head in to help out with sessions.

Table Jams®, a key aspect of the Hack Sounds program is the culmination of his life’s work, as well as a combination of two of his favourite things-jamming, and tables. And music tech. Mostly music tech.

Liz Martin – Associate Producer

Liz comes to Hack Sounds with a wealth of experience, having been Head teacher at Creative Youth Initiative’s music program for years. She’s brought a real focus to how we go about making our program as inclusive as possible, and has sought out similar programs to get a sense of how they do it, and how we can improve.

She’s also a phenomenal musician, as a singer/songwriter under her own name, and as part of Los Moustachios, a fantastic Mexican folk songs covers band.

Peregrin Chiara – Associate Producer

A newer member our the Hack family, Pere brings not only a very similar name to Piri-handy, as he’s replaced him in running most of the sessions!-but also a strong interest in collaborative practices that support groups to be more inclusive and diverse. He’s brought some great ideas to the Core Program, and will also be applying his nous to exploring new opportunities in Western Sydney.

He’s also a talented Drummer and Producer, currently as part of the duo Touchnoisy.


Hack Sounds is primarily provided at 107, 107 Redfern Street.

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